Friday, December 19, 2008

A Poetry Friday special: an original poem

(Flu) Season's Greetings
with apologies to Clement C. Moore
by C. Fiddler

'Twas ten days before Christmas when it was made clear
that, again, things would not be easy this year.
A nasty bug on my stomach assaulted,
and holiday preparations suddenly halted.

No cookies were baked, no presents were wrapped;
plans for a tea party had to be scrapped.
Musical soirées were quickly postponed;
crafting and blogging were now left alone.

But children were healthy, and helpful, oh, yes!
Perhaps they were thinking they had to impress
the man in the red suit--you know the guy:
that magical being that makes reindeer fly.

Whatever their motives, these children were aces
at getting themselves in their mother's good graces.
They helped one another, without much complaint,
and with the washer themselves did acquaint.

Then the day came I could rise without fear,
and hug all my children with thanks most sincere.
Baking and wrapping and crafting ensue
with this, my most lovable crew.

Since now we are busy with holiday joy,
one last simple rhyme we fast will employ--
to our friends far and near we articulate,
"May your holidays be cheery, and your new year be great!"

Poetry Friday is being hosted today by Author Amok. Be sure to check out the posts there and also head on over to my other blog, A Habit of Reading, for a solstice poem by Susan Cooper.


Kelly Polark said...

I love it! How often a parent is beaten down by the flu when so many things need to be done! Thank goodness for Santa's little helpers.

Anonymous said...

This is very sweet! I'm glad you're doing better well in time for the "big event."

Lynne said...

Now that was your Christmas present from the kids - and it was a great one at that!

I am glad you're feeling better - just in time to be shut in by the snow. See you tomorrow at some point or two.

Suji said...

Of rhyming words you may be weary
But oh do I wish you a Christmas merry
And as from the flu bug you stay clear
May you also have a great new year!

LOL...sorry I couldn't resist that.
Happy Holidays to you and the rest of the Fiddler brood! It was lovely of them to help their mom in need.

Yat-Yee said...

Awww. How very lovely. Your kids sound like champs!