Monday, October 18, 2010

Book Sharing Monday - books from Australia and New Zealand

We're spending an extra week on Australia and New Zealand in our study of the Eastern Hemisphere, as that area is of high interest to the kids, and there are so many resources that we wanted to get through but haven't yet.  Here are some of the books we are using either to substitute in or supplement Sonlight Core 5.

Storm Boy, by Colin Thiele.  Becky over at Farm School recommended this title to me, and we are using it as a read-aloud instead of Island of the Blue Dolphins, which we'd already read.

Stories from the Billabong, by James Vance Marshall and Francis Firebrace.  Interesting artwork and a paragraph of corresponding information accompanies ten Aboriginal plant and animal tales.

"Koala" from Magical Tales from Many Lands, retold by Margaret Mayo and illustrated by Jane Ray.  Other countries represented in this title include China, Russia, India, Peru, France, the Caribbean, Scotland,  South Africa, Japan, and more.

Are We There Yet? A Journey around Australia, by Alison Lester.  A picture book my younger two are enjoying, with a look at many different places around the smallest continent.

Whale Rider, by Witi Ihimaera.  Jazz is having a bit of trouble "getting into" this book (its lyrical style is not his cup of tea), but I know we'll watch the movie (again) this week, anyway.  He's also reading The Boy Who Spoke Dog, by Clay Morgan, which he seems to be enjoying.

Whale's Canoe, a Folk Tale from Australia, retold and illustrated by Joanna Troughton.  An amusing story about a bunch of animals that want to get to a land across the sea.

"The Dreamtime," an Aboriginal creation myth in The Illustrated Book of Myths, retold by Neil Philip and illustrated by Nilesh Mistry.  A DK book with tales from many of the countries we'll be studying this year.

Land of the Long White Cloud: Maori Myths, Tales, and Legends, retold by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and illustrated by Michael Foreman.

River Song, by Belinda Hollyer.  JaneG. is following up Sonlight's reader, Red Sand Blue Sky, with this story of a girl who lives with her Nana in a Maori village until her mother convinces her to move to the city for a time.

Book Sharing Monday is hosted by Canadian Home Learning.  Come share a title or two that you've enjoyed!


Maree Johnson said...

Thanks for learning about our country, New Zealand - Aotearoa. It's great to read your kids were keen to spend longer discovering more about Australia AND New Zealand! Kia ora, Maree

Sheltie Times said...

"We're spending an extra week on Australia and New Zealand in our study of the Eastern Hemisphere, as that area is of high interest to the kids"

If you had to ask me why as a former public school teacher I am so supportive of friends and family who homeschool, that comment is one of the defining reasons. I love the flexibility of being able to follow the children's interests and not worrying about the school year schedule.

Enjoy the journey.

Anonymous said...

We got the Billabong book a couple of weeks ago from the library and listened to Waltzing Matilda from our World Playground CD. :D The flexibility is nice isn't it?!