2011-2012 Plans

Update: Jazz is at a fabulous project-based charter school, but has gotten to use some of the same books we were planning to use, like Newton at the Center.  He's bringing in Michael Clay Thompson's World of Poetry book to school for his class's poetry unit.

In progress, but getting close to completion, I hope!

In a nutshell--

Classiquest Biology for Jazz and Jane, with some dissection and advanced projects for Jazz

The Private Eye: Looking/Thinking by Analogy for Jane--not just science, but cross-curricular.

Living Learning Books Life Science for J.J. (we have the "old" edition on hand, but the new one looks spiffy)

Newton at the Center (unfinished from last year) and Einstein Adds a New Dimension for Jazz

Living science books as read-alouds for all

A History of US for Jazz, and giving a try to the first Teaching Guide for Middle and High School
update: I like the elementary guides better due to the fact that they are easier to adapt for home use.  But I do like the middle/high school guide for bringing in some overarching themes to each book.

Closing in on The American Story and also Journeys for Freedom, et. al., by Leacock/Buckley
update: didn't like the Leacock/Buckley books for anything other than strewing, but love The Earliest Americans by Helen Roney Sattler (why do these great books go OOP so often?).  Will probably use a combination of TEA plus TAS, but might see how Jane tolerates the History of US books, as well.

Picture books for J.J.

Historical fiction as readers for the older two and read-alouds for all

Language Arts:
Caesar's English 2, Grammar & Practice Voyage, Essay Voyage for Jazz

Vocabulary from Classical Roots, First Language Lessons 4 (unfinished from last year--then Grammar & Practice Town) for Jane; still looking!  She wants something self-directed.  I want something thorough.  We are using some Arrow units from Bravewriter, but I need more for her.

Writing with Skill for Jazz and Jane.  Arrow and parts of The Writer's Jungle for Jane

Explode the Code,  Click-n-Read, and Handwriting without Tears for J.J.

MCT Literature and Poetry as part of Tuesday Teatime

Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra for Jazz; possibly some Key to. . . and/or Life of Fred, as well

Teaching Textbooks 4 for Jane; wishing for an open-and-go Waldorf math program, though!

Miquon for J.J.

Artistic Pursuits Book 1 (grades 4-6: American Art), maybe Book 2 if we get to it

Focus on American composers with CDs and my own research; Classics for Kids