Core 5 Substitutes

For 100 Gateway Cities and Unreached Peoples:
*Material World: a Global Family Portrait
Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
Women in the Material World
*Houses and Homes around the World
*Families of the World dvd series
Environment and Society (from Geography for Students dvds - Schlessinger Media)
Human Systems (from Geography for Students dvds - Schlessinger Media)
*Animated Tales of the World dvds (Schlessinger Media)
Michael Palin's Around the World in Eighty Days series on Netflix streaming

For Exploring Planet Earth:
Usborne: Explorers
*Around the World in a Hundred Years (Fritz)
National Geographic Society's Exploration Experience
Explorers Who Got Lost (Sansevere-Dreher)
Explorers of the World dvds (Schlessinger Media)
Wonders of the Asian World dvds (Schlessinger Media)
Wonders of the African World dvds (Schlessinger Media)

For Eastern Hemisphere Explorer:
Trail Guide to World Geography
World Cultures and Geography: Eastern Hemisphere (McDougal Littell) cd-rom
Enchantment of the World book series

For Torches of Joy:
The Gift of the Crocodile
Indonesian Children's Favorite Stories
The Adventures of Mouse Deer
Indonesian Folktales
National Geographic Magazine (month, year)
Cosmos Global: Dani (video on demand rental or DVD)
The Dani Tribe site at Papua Trekking

For fun & an infusion of folktales:
*Stories from the Silk Road
*A Calendar of Festivals
Magical Tales from Many Lands (Mayo)

Pacific Islands:
*Nim's Island (Orr - we listened to the audiobook)
*The Light at the Edge of the World dvd
*Hidden Hawaii dvd
*Sam Choy's Polynesian Kitchen
*Dumpling Soup (Rattigan)
Musical Mariner: Pacific Journey cd
Island Dreams cd
Polynesia! cd
To Find the Way (Nunes)
Punia and the King of Sharks: a Hawaiian Folktale (Marks)

Australia and New Zealand:
*Storm Boy (Thiele)
Are We There Yet? A Journey around Australia (Lester)
Whale Rider dvd and book (Ihimaera)
*The Boy Who Spoke Dog (Morgan)
In the Bush (Harvey)
The Great Bullocky Race (Page)
The Rescuers Down Under dvd
Cooee: Songs and Stories from Down Under mp3 download
Dawn until Dusk: Tribal Song and Didgeridoo cd
*Families of Australia dvd
Animated Tales of the World: Bad Baby Amy dvd
Whale's Canoe: a Folk Tale from Australia (Troughton)
*Stories from the Billabong (Marshall)
The Last Gold Diggers (Horse)
*River Song (Hollyer)
The Man from Snowy River & Return to Snowy River dvds
*New Zealand to the Max dvd
*Adventures with Purpose: New Zealand blu-ray
Jacques Cousteau: Pacific Explorations dvds

*Troubling a Star (L'Engle)
Nature: Antarctica dvd
It Never Rains in Antarctica (Seuling)
DK Eye Wonder Arctic and Antarctic
Classroom Antactica website


middle grade books:
*The Samurai's Tale by Erik Christian Haugaard
The Boy and the Samurai by Erik Christian Haugaard
Countries around the World: Japan dvd
Best of the Fest (the first short is an award-winning piece from Japan) dvd
The Paper Crane dvd (Reading Rainbow series)
Wonders of the Asian World: Japan

*Rabbit Ears audio cd: Folktales of the Far East ("Peachboy" and "The Boy Who Drew Cats")
*Tales from Cultures Far and Near audio cd ("Two Monks") by Jim Weiss

picture books:
*The Beckoning Cat (Nishizuka)
Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers (Whelan)
Kamishibai Man (Say)
Tea with Milk (Say)
*Hachiko: the True Story of a Loyal Dog (Turner) (the movie Hachi was based on the dog in this book)
A Pair of Red Clogs (Matsuno)


picture books:
Count Your Way through Korea (Haskins)
Land of Morning Calm: Korean Culture Then and Now (Stickler)
Bee-bim Bop! (Park)
*The Firekeeper's Son (Park)
*The Have a Good Day Cafe (Park)
Behind the Mask (Yangsook)
The Name Jar (Yangsook)
The Korean Cinderella (Climo)
*The Green Frogs (Heo)

middle grade/YA books:

A Single Shard (Park)
Seesaw Girl (Park)
When My Name was Keiko (Park - YA)
*Teens in South Korea (Donovan)


Families of Korea
Korean-American Heritage
Good Conversation: a talk with Linda Sue Park


Picture books:

D is for Dancing Dragon (Crane)
*The Pea Blossom (Poole)
The Master Swordsman & the Magic Doorway (Provensen)
A Grain of Rice (Pittman)
The Greatest Power (Demi)
Lin Yi's Lantern
*Beautiful Warrior: the Legend of the Nun's Kung Fu (McCully)
The Warlord's Puzzle, and other "Warlord's . . ." books (Pilegard)

Middle grade/YA:

*Little Leap Forward: a Boy in Beijing (Yue)
*Teens in China (Conyers)
Dragonwings (Yep)


Families of China
The Karate Kid
*Wild China


Asian Dreamland


Picture books:

*Snow Leopards: Hunters of the Snow and Ice (Landau)
Saving the Ghost of the Mountain: an Expedition among Snow Leopards in Mongolia (Montgomery)

Middle grade:

I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade (Wilson)


Mongolia: Shepherd Boy (Animated Folktales of the World)
*Nature: Wild Horses of Mongolia
Mongolia: Countries around the World

Marco Polo:

Animals Marco Polo Saw (Markle)
Silk Road Adventures
Marco Polo (Friedman)
Stories from the Silk Road (Barefoot Books)


Picture books:

Looking at Russia (Powell)
Faces (March, 2002): Ukraine
*Another Celebrated Dancing Bear (Scheffrin-Falk)
*The Magic Nesting Doll (Ogburn)
*Clever Katya (Hoffman)
Russia in Colors
*Martha (Spirin)
*The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (Ransome)
*Thunder Cake
Peter the Great (Stanley)
The Love for Three Oranges (Prokofiev)
Peter Tchaikovsky (Venezia)
Igor Stravinsky (Venezia)
Sergei Prokofiev (Venezia)
Marc Chagall (Venezia)
Pictures at an Exhibition (Celenza)
Eloise in Moscow (Thompson)

Middle grade/YA:
*Teens in Russia
The Dream Stealer (Maguire)
Angel on the Square (Whelan)
The Life and Times of Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky
Marc Chagall (Welton)
Rebecca  "American Girl" series (Greene)

Russia (Countries around the World)
Extreme Engineering: Bridging the Bering Strait

Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf; Lieutenant Kije; Cinderella; March from the Love for Three Oranges
Stravinisky - Firebird Suite
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition 
Tchaikovsky: the ballet suites; Piano Concert No. 2

*Favorites of ours