Monday, August 24, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year. . .

Well, almost. I've almost finished ordering all our homeschooling materials for the first half of the year, packages are arriving, apple-picking season starts in about two weeks, and the promise of crisp fall weather isn't too far away.

I'm organizing like crazy--we're trying a new system that's supposed to help with time management and encourage more independent learning. I joined the Workboxes yahoo group, which has tons of free information and lots of files available to peruse and print, and made a quick trip to IKEA for a couple of Trofast systems to help us get started. Will post photos when everything is in its place.

And I found a great resource for ideas and free Montessori printables today: MontessoriMom.

How are everyone's back-to-school or -homschool preparations going? Are we having fun yet? ☺


Sravani said...

Hi There,
I came to know of this blog through Becky's..This is a lovely blog. New school year and all brand new materials are always fun:)
To be frank with, after the kids take off independently, it is a bit saddening to be out of it as a parent:) I did not have a long involved time with their learning, as we do child led learning/unschooling, and my kids prefer being independent, self learners and love discussions after...Much of their learning has been outsourced for the past couple of years to community colleges and universities due to their need for higher learning materials...and my job is reduced to being a 'driver' of the vehicle that takes them places:)
Just wanted to add another perspective of the situation. Have a ton of fun......
Your kids will get there to managing it all in time:)
Good luck with everything

LB said...

What is this "back to school" thing you speak of? Do I need to prepare for that?

Fiddler said...

Hi Subadra--thanks for stopping by! I think I've seen you on an email list or two. . .

LB--Have you been hanging out with Manoj too much? ; ) Seriously--what's on this fall's docket for you and #3, other than our mutual weekly events (or rather our children's)?