Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Sharing Monday - First Dog

My kids are crazy about animals in general, and dogs in particular, so whenever I see a new picture book about a dog, it usually ends up in our library bag.  This one was a real winner!  The main canine character travels all over the world, meeting dogs in different countries (Shar Pei in China, Chihuahua in Mexico, etc.), and then coming back to the U.S. to find a very special home on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Short on text but easy to read aloud and with great pictures, First Dog gets a thumbs up from my family.  Written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Beth Zappitello.

Book Sharing Monday is hosted by Alex at Canadian Home Learning.


Bailey said...

Sounds like a fun read with a little geography sprinkled on the side.

Alex said...

We love dogs. I will be checking our library for this one!
Thanks for sharing :)

Desiree said...

I'm loving that cute little dog on the front. I'm sure my kids would love this one too.