Monday, June 04, 2012

Book Sharing Monday - Chirrup, chirrup!

This spring we've heard (and seen) a lot of crickets on our property, and it seemed a fitting thing to read about these musical creatures.  The books we enjoyed--

Chirping Crickets (Let's Read and Find Out Science Level 2), by Melvin Berger and with illustrations by the fabulous Megan Lloyd (Too Many Pumpkins).

Oscar and the Cricket: a Book about Moving and Rolling, by Geoff Waring (a Start with Science book).

Old Cricket, by Lisa Wheeler and with illustrations by Ponder Goembel.  This one had an old-timey American children's cautionary tale (think Brer Rabbit) feel to it.

The Cricket Warrior: a Chinese Tale, by Margaret and Raymond Chang with illustrations by Warwick Hutton.  This one was JJ's favorite.

The Cricket in Times Square, by George Selden.  Jane still prefers her books to feature animals as main characters, and this was one of my favorites when I was about her age.  She loved it and is moving on to other books by Selden.  The next animal book I plan to throw her way that was much beloved by me as a youngster is Margery Sharp's The Rescuers.  Book bonus: BraveWriter has an Arrow (language arts) unit based on this book, which we used to wind up formal homeschooling for Jane this year.

Any other favorite "cricket" books out there?  I almost pulled out The Cricket on the Hearth, but decided to save that for a cold day in December when we have a fire in our own fireplace.

Alex is hosting Book Sharing Monday from her new home!  Best wishes to her and her family on getting settled in one of my favorite places.

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Alex said...

Thanks for the good wishes!
I think I might just have to continue book sharing monday from my new blog, I would miss it too much if I didn't!
Great selection of cricket books!