Friday, September 28, 2012

Life in (very) brief

Whew!  It's been quite the few months around here.  I'm planning to get back to regular posts starting Right Now, and will be catching up with the blogs I follow, as well.

A quick recap of life since my last post:

I'm eating Paleo and dressing my truth, and I spent the summer trying to get the children's chorus I direct some more visibility to increase the number of singers.  Jazz is having some growing pains at his charter school (they don't call it the sophomore slump without reason) but due to the overwhelming support and kindness of his teachers I know he'll come through this time even stronger.  Jane is about to enter the world of neuropsych evaluations and will have some of her larger issues addressed.  JJ continues to be happy-go-lucky and seems to be enjoying homeschooling despite a complaint or two here and there.  In all, I'm grateful for the fact that, even when life is not smooth sailing, I have the resources and support (i.e., friends!) to help me make course corrections.


Melissa said...

Ah, the slump :-) We've had that too.

Life sounds busy! Looking forward to new posts.:-)

Melissa said...

Glad for the update. Look forward to more!