Friday, October 31, 2008

And one more thing. . .

I'm having a fine time not watching a movie I just got from Netflix, Sweet Violets, or something like that (actually, no, it's Purple Violets written by, directed by, and starring Ed Burns--it's usually an omen when all three are the same person, though there are some exceptions), which has got to be the most boring movie I think I've seen since, hmm, I can't remember when. While "enjoying" the flick, I'm also catching up on my blog reading, so here is yet another enjoyable tidbit for those of you who are not fans of the current Republican veep candidate. Thanks much to Alex Ross for this entertaining video. The music is Steve Reich's Different Trains, and the speaker, well, I won't name names.

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LB said...

Ooh. What an interesting idea. It definitely highlights the non-symphonic sound of the stuff coming out of her mouth.

Certainly this technique could be applied to the other side. I suspect it would just be more bombastic.