Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've got Stringfever.

These guys are hilarious.  Thanks to LB for posting about the UK-based electronic string quartet today and to a fellow chorus member (and mother of a very talented young cellist) for mentioning it to us in the first place.  Head on over to 3 Ring Binder to see the extremely entertaining History of Music in 5 Minutes.  (Though I take issue with the lack of Bach and Mendelssohn in the medley, I give props for the inclusion of Grieg and Rossini.)  Below is another fun video of theirs featuring movie music:

You can also see many other YouTube videos by the quartet here, 
including an enjoyable snippet of The Devil Went Down to Georgia.  
Now if these guys would just release a DVD!

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LB said...

What color electric violin are you going to get?