Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May - the month in pictures

Trees around here finally came into leaf:
Astronomy field trip:
Rainy weather did not keep the kids from enjoying the "Constellation Court":
One concert down:

A day at home:
Braving the ticks for a spring nature walk:
A wedding:
Another concert:
Revels at the co-op:
We just this past Friday braved the morass of germs that is the Museum of Science to catch the Frogs exhibit before it left.  The Dart Poison Frogs were beautiful,

as were the Chinese Gliding Frogs,
but my favorites were the Waxy Monkey Frogs from S. America, who looked like they were smiling:
Bet this little guy was hoping the fossil skeleton would come to life if he pushed the button enough times: 
A family portrait:

Home again, home again, jiggity jog:


Makita said...

Great pictures! I ♥ frogs.

Suji said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing :)