Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Sharing Monday, um, Tuesday?

I can't believe three weeks and a day have gone by since I first joined my fellow bloggers on a Book Sharing Monday. I don't know where the time goes, except that I am finally, after eleven years, catching up on some much needed sleep!

Tonight we read an old favorite--all three kiddos have enjoyed this one, and the four-year-old still requests it. He used to have it memorized, we read it that often. Wish I had thought to record his toddler-ly interpretation of it.

"In the tall, tall grass. . ."

"Crunch, munch, caterpillars lunch!"

And so it goes throughout In the Tall, Tall Grass, by Denise Fleming. Fleming has written other gems as well, such as In the Small, Small Pond, The First Day of Winter, and Beetle Bop. See below for more!

Book Sharing Monday is hosted (note to self: on MONDAYS) at Serendipity.

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Suji said...

Have been meaning for 2 days to comment on this post. :) What a wonderful variety of titles! DS will love the pictures. Thanks as always Christina :) And thank you for stopping by earlier and dropping a comment too :)