Monday, June 15, 2009

The Summer TBR Stack

No photo this time, but I hope to make it through a few more of these than I did of my spring stack.

Current reads:

The Quiet Girl, by Peter Høeg

This book club read is not my usual fare, yet so far I'm enjoying the strange flavor.  Høeg also wrote Smila's Sense of Snow, which I didn't read, but vaguely remember seeing on screen and not loathing.

Among all the suggestions given me by wonderfully helpful colleagues via forums on Choralnet, Evoking Sound is the most easily digested and most immediately helpful of the several books I got from interlibrary loan to evaluate.  Now if I can just get through its 300+ pages of jam-packed information!  Jordan has several DVDs that are going on my wish list.

Choral Charisma, by Tom Carter

Tom has been personally helpful via email with a couple of musical issues I've had in the past, and his book gives excellent advice about creating a safe learning environment for singers, amongst a host of other helpful suggestions.

Since I first read The Thin Woman, I've never failed to be entertained by Cannell's British amateur sleuth, and this latest in the series has been fun so far, though this is my "read to sleep" book so I have to confess I haven't gotten very far yet.  Have been very, very tired, as is evidenced by my lack of blogging (late nights are blogging time for me).

The Well-Trained Mind, Third Edition, by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise

Haven't read the book cover-to-cover since first discovering it years ago, so am giving the new edition a go now.  Am reading the section about preschoolers and feeling guilty that DS (4.5) hasn't gotten the attention he deserves.  Ever hear of trickle-down homeschooling?  I'm hoping that listening to the other two (DD - almost 8! and DS - 11) recite lists of verbs, etc. will mean that he will magically acquire all he needs up until the time I can actively homeschool a third child without losing my sanity.

On deck:

To counterbalance The Well-Trained Mind. ☺ Or complement it, I suppose I could say.

Feeling the need to carpe diem again.  

No Mind Left Behind by Adam J. Cox or Smart but Scattered, by Peg Dawson

Executive function as it relates to kids.  Getting organized, staying focused, and controlling emotions.  Hmm, there might be something in here for me, too!

Touchstone, by Laurie R. King

A stand-alone novel by the author of The Beekeeper's Apprentice and all the subsequent adventures of its spirited protagonist.  The latest in that series is The Language of Bees, which I highly recommend, though, why, Dear Author, oh, why did you leave us hanging so?

Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon

At some point this summer, I'm finally going to give in and read this paramount piece of escapist fiction.  If you need me, I'll be in 18th-century Scotland.


LB said...

Darn, I forgot to order the insta-kilt!

Let me know before you head off to Loch Lomand as you know that is one of my summer reading goals as well. Right after Breaking Dawn.

Fiddler said...

Shoot! Must remember for next Father's Day. The men will all be like, "Huh?" and all of us will be ROFL.

I can sense a book club meeting based around Outlander in the works. I'll bring the shortbread.

Fiddler said...

Let's get Liz to bring the single-malt scotch.

LB said...

It sounds like a fabulous plan is in the works.