Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Workbox Wednesday, Columbus Day edition

They're not all related to Columbus Day, but here are some highlights from last week's workboxes:

Kumon Let's Cut Paper pages

Melissa & Doug World Map Floor Puzzle

Three ships coloring page

Asterix the Gladiator (soon to be followed by others in the series)

The Discovery of the Americas tells more than just the story of Columbus (authors: Betsy and Giulio Maestro)

Draw Write Now, Volume 2

Latin worksheet and flash cards

What serves for logic these days: Mind Benders from Critical Thinking Press

Workboxes are still making our days run pretty darn smoothly, though the almost-five-year-old has lost a bit of interest, unless there's play-dough or Playmobil in his boxes. But he did come running when he heard Jim Weiss reading Story of the World this afternoon (Rome finally fell today, YEAH!), and his conversations are still full of words like "illustration" and "adjective," so I think we're okay.


Mozer said...

Looks great! This reminds me to go find my dd's Kumon cutting book and to go pull out our Jim Weiss Tall Talkes CD.

Honey said...

I love your photos of your workboxes. Thanks for sharing.

Fiddler said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mozer and Honey. Honey, I've used some of your clothespin activities--you are a wonderful workbox resource!

Bailey said...

I love the workboxes. You will love Astrix. I found a bunch of copies at a library sale to the delight of family members.