Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Sharing Monday - the late edition

I've been meaning to post about these two beautiful books for a while now and just tonight realized that it was Book Sharing Monday already again!

A Calendar of Festivals: Celebrations from around the World retold by Cherry Gilchirst and illustrated by Helen Cann shares stories of Purim (Jewish), Holi (Hindu), Vesak (Buddhist), Tanabata (Japanese), Halloween (Celtic), Christmas (Christian), Kwanzaa (Caribbean), and New Year (Russian).

Stories from the Silk Road retold by Cherry Gilchrist and illustrated by Nilesh Mistry is just plain gorgeous.  I can't get over the artwork chosen for the vast majority of Barefoot Books titles.  We're lucky enough to live just a few minutes from the flagship store of this stellar publishing company, and I love walking in there.  And I never come home empty-handed (insert happy dance here).

We're using parts of the first and all of the second with our Eastern Hemisphere studies this year.  I have to say that I can't wait to hit the Silk Road, as not only do we have Gilchrist's books, we also have Russell Freedman's and Demi's biographies of Marco Polo, Marco Polo for Kids: His Marvelous Journey to China by Janis Herbert, and two ensemble cds headed by Yo-Yo Ma to enjoy.

Book Sharing Monday is hosted by Canadian Home Learning (formerly Serendipity Homeschool).  Alex has a great book about Lego to show us all--one that my youngest just got from the library yesterday, too.  How's that for Serendipity?  :)


Alex said...

Great post :)
I love Barefoot Books too, we have a couple old ones (Barefoot Book of Princesses and the Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories). You are lucky to be so close to a store!
They do have gorgeous books.
I read aloud to my kids the first part of that Lego book, the history and the making of the bricks. It was really interesting to see how the company grew.

Fiddler said...

I don't think my DH would agree with you about us being lucky to live so close (he keeps the books, and by that I mean the financial ones). But I do love the store.

The Lego book is very interesting, I agree! Jazz is taking a look at it now.

Thanks for keeping Book Sharing Monday going, Alex!