Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Sharing Monday - Halloween books!

Here are some spooky and not-so-spooky titles that are either new or new to us.  We're enjoying them this week as we count down to that orange-and-blackest of all holidays.

Zen Ghosts by Jon J. Muth.  The author of Zen Ties and Zen Shorts has a charming Halloween story to share.

Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night, written by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Rick Allen.  While not strictly speaking a Halloween book, this title appealed to us because of another by Sidman that we've enjoyed--Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow--a great spring read!

Gobbolino The Witch's Cat, written by Ursula Moray Williams and illustrated by Paul Howard.  This shortish chapter book was a read-aloud at the homeschooling co-op we used to attend a few years ago, but two of my three were not present to hear the story at the time, so we're giving it a go here at home this week.

The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury.  Unbeknownst to me, this haunted space-time adventure has also been made into a movie, which doesn't appear to be available on DVD (though Amazon sells the VHS for $12 or so), but it is available on YouTube (in parts).  As with any video recommendations, I highly suggest parental pre-watching to determine appropriateness for your own kiddos!  

Book Sharing Monday is hosted by Canadian Home Learning.  Happy reading!


Alex said...

I read the Zen one at the book store a couple of weeks ago. I really like that series, but not sure how much my 6 yr old understood!
Thanks for the suggestions, we love Halloween books here.
By the way, we are almost done the Troll's-Eye View now and it is excellent!

Alex said...

Thanks for suggesting the Halloween Tree. We watched it last night and my kids really enjoyed it. My son even told me that it was great, that it was teaching us stuff about halloween!