Monday, October 11, 2010

Book Sharing Monday - our latest audiobook

For the past week or so, we have been greatly enjoying David Hyde Pierce's narration of The Phantom Tollbooth.  I loved the story as a kid, and valiantly tried it as a read aloud last spring, but it proved beyond me and we gave up about a third of the way in.  Pierce is amazing in his ability to give voice to the motley assortment of characters we meet on Milo's journey--if I didn't know better I would never have believed that only one person was narrating.  All three children (the almost teenager, the nine-year-old, and the oh-so-picky almost-six-year-old) are loving listening to it and will be sad when it's finished.  Suggestions for what to put in the car next are welcome!

photo by David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

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Our Pace said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. This book looks good. It's interesting how some narrators do so well with some books. Thanks for sharing.

carol b said...

I'd completely forgotten about this book, but seeing your post rang some bells deep in my memory...I'll be searching the old bookshelves at my parent's house next time I'm over there for our copy! Thanks.

Bailey said...

I loved sharing this story when I taught with my students. It has such a wonderful mix of characters. One of my teachers shared it with me in middle school and I reread it as an adult. Then I knew I wanted to share it with other kids as it sometimes gets forgotten. I knew it was a hit when I had kids getting their own copies to follow along.

I love the idea of a narrarated copy to help bring the story alive with your children. There is always another route when something isn't working and it looks like you found a wonderful option.

It is wonderful following your homeschool adventures.

Alex said...

We started reading aloud this book but never finished it either, maybe an audiobook version would help us too!
Thanks for sharing.