Saturday, April 16, 2011

And now for something a little different. . .

National Screen Free Week always coincides with spring vacation week here in New England.  I think a conspiracy is afoot.  While we, as homeschoolers, do not have to follow the school district's schedule, I find that we usually do, for one reason or another.  It would be easier (I think) to be screen free during a week when our normal activities were still happening, but we're going to give it the old college try, anyway.

We've never participated in Turn Off Your TV Week (the phenomenon's former moniker) before, but at this point in our house our media viewing (TV, movies, computer games, Xbox, iPods, etc.) is at an all time high and I think we will all benefit from a break.  I'll have at least one blog post scheduled to appear (Book Sharing Monday), but other than a few minutes each morning and evening to check and respond to emails, I don't expect to be around at all in an online capacity.

What we plan to do in the coming week:

bake cookies at least once

finally get to that Marc Chagall-inspired watercolor project I've been wanting to do with the kids

go for a long walk or hike on a day that the weather is nice, maybe even at a beach

meet up with friends

listen to lots of music

listen to some audiobooks (we picked up Hotel for Dogs, The Magician's Elephant, and Risby at the library yesterday, and I finally broke down and bought Story of the World vol. 3 on audio CD in case we head out on a longer car trip or two)

play board games

do some Pysanky egg decorating

finally do some of the experiments in Physics Experiments for Children

I know Alex and co. over at Canadian Home Learning are participating in Screen Free Week, as well.  Anyone else?  More ideas are welcome.  : )

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Melissa said...

Yes, we are too. At least I am, and hoping it rubs off on the kids! Enjoy your screen free time, sounds like you have some fun activities lined up.

Christina said...

Melissa, I'll be thinking of you! Hope all goes well.