Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Ice Storm - December 12, 2008

Having lain awake listening to branches (and the occasional tree) drop all night, I was not, when daylight came, prepared to face a lack of electricity and a dog who was too spooked to go outside. It was eerily silent except for the occasional groan of a tree bending underneath its unusual burden, the pop and crash of a branch detaching and descending from its trunk, or the slithering of ice to the ground. The kids and I had a quiet morning by the fire, and then we went out to help DH start clearing away the debris from both the front and back yards. When darkness set in at about 4:30, with the lighting of candles arrived fears and a few tears, but when pizza was delivered a short time later by the person we have now deemed Superpizzaguy, the lights magically turned back on and all was well.


Suji said...

It's Super BBBRRRRRR cold here in San Jose too and we're actually not going to be surprised if we actually see some snow on the hills in the distance. Sending you many many many WARM thoughts and virtual hot chocolate :)

Fiddler said...

Thanks, Suji! Hope your weather turns back to its regularly scheduled program soon. Keep warm in the meantime.

sheila said...

I have friends in Maine who were hit really bad. The pictures she sent me were unbelievable: tree limbs on cars and bent trees on the roads. And no power.

We've got snow right now, but it's nothing near that. Still, it's enough to send the 2 plows this city has into a tizzy. And all the drivers into the ditch!

I've been enjoying your musical recommendations. I love early music, and some of that Christmas music is really lovely.