Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good finds of the week

1. Kundalini Yoga: the yoga that's currently (well, at least as far as I, in suburban MA, know) in favor with Hollywood types. I really like the way I feel after doing yoga in this style. It's not (that) difficult, even for someone who hadn't done yoga in a year; it's rhythmic--and the music has a beat, so it's fun to keep in time with it; and I feel very energized afterwards. I feel a little silly chanting, but that's just more incentive to get up and exercise before anyone else is awake. Ana Brett and Ravi Singh have many yoga cds in this style, but the Maya Fiennes (concert pianist and composer as well as yoga practicioner) dvd pictured left, is the one I found first at a local library.

2. Cherry-Vanilla Oatmeal: from The Food You Crave, by Ellie Krieger. To old-fashioned oats, add dried cherries and the appropriate amount of water (for two servings, or one cup of dried oats, I would use 1/3 c. dried cherries), plus a little salt. Cook the oatmeal like you normally would, then add a little cherry fruit spread (low sugar option) or some cherry preserves and about 1/2 t. vanilla per serving, top with your choice of milk (I used rice milk--DH used half and half!), and enjoy.

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Barb said...

Thanks for the tip,I live in the wrong county though and cannot get that DVD here, but I found a different one and will give it a go. I have dropped out of Yoga a few years ago and I think I need to get back into it for reasons of breathing and balance.