Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes, by Noel Streatfeild, was one of my favorite books when I was about ten or eleven. I'm pretty sure I went through the "shoes" series in short order. Ballet Shoes, Dancing Shoes, Theatre Shoes, and Party Shoes--those titles are the ones I believe makes up the quartet, though characters change a bit from book to book.

Now, just in time for dance-crazy, seven-year-old E. to enjoy before she begins her first dance classes, is what appears to be a promising adaptation of the book for film. The movie stars Emma Watson (Hermione from the Harry Potter flicks), and here is a link for the preview of the movie. It opens in the U.S. on Tuesday.


Krystan said...

Thanks for the heads up on this! My dd loves Ballet Shoes! We have also read Theatre Shoes, Dancing Shoes, Skating Shoes, and Family Shoes. I haven't heard of Party Shoes; I'll have to check the library. The movie looks good!

Fiddler said...

And I hadn't heard of Family Shoes--so thanks for that, Krystan. Unfortunately I can't find the movie playing anywhere around here, but I'm hoping that will change when the movies do this weekend. Though it looks like the movie comes out on DVD in the next couple of weeks, if Amazon can be believed!

Fiddler said...

Update: Ballet Shoes was on the big screen at one movie theatre in my area for one night, and is now available on DVD. It's currently at the top of my Netflix queue, so I may be posting a review one of these days.