Tuesday, August 05, 2008


You have to say it really fast, hence no spaces. Puppypuppypuppy! That's what we call the fourth child in our family, whose real name is Lyla. She's a fifteen-week-old chocolate lab from Win-wood Kennel in RI,where the owner breeds for temperament first of all, and we can really see it in Lyla. She's generally very calm, and is proving to be relatively easy to train, which is a darn good thing, because, really, let's take a moment. Homeschooler, mother of three human children (youngest not yet potty-trained), musician who'd really like more than one paying gig per year to fall into her lap, recovering type-A who volunteers far too much and sleeps way too little, and wannabe blogger--sure, why not throw a puppy into the mix? Did I mention DH had to leave on business two days after we got her at the end of June? And will likely be gone almost a week per month for a while yet? My kids are learning the fine art of poop-scooping, I can tell you that much. But just look at that face!

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LB said...

She is beautiful - you did a great job tracking down that temperament because I have never met such a calm chocolate lab! And a puppypuppypuppy no less!