Friday, August 22, 2008


Gotta hate 'em. Here in New England, they are everywhere, and diseases associated with them abound. My aunt just went through her third bout with Lyme Disease; my next-door neighbor, his second. A friend's seven-year-old son just finished his month of antibiotics for Lyme, and a formerly homeschooling mom in my circle of friends just recently got back in touch with the rest of us to say she just tested positive for a tick-borne, non-Lyme, potentially fatal yet treatable disease.

And what did O. discover under his arm this morning? You guessed it. This is the kid that freaks when he gets a splinter, so you can imagine the drama when something alive, with eight legs waving, is attached to his skin. Luckily for both of us, I picked up something called the Tick Twister at the vet that last time we were there. It worked like a charm--the easiest time I have ever had pulling a tick off anyone--human or otherwise. Now we just have to watch for a suspicious rash or other signs of illness in the next week or so.


LB said...

At the risk of being accused of being monosyllabic, all I have to say is "ew".

Barb said...

OMG, I have absolute tick phobia, because I did a lot of research on Lyme disease. I this was a dog tick - just gross. If this was a deer tick, keep it and have it tested by your pediatrician. Not everybody shows a rash or any signs of illness and Lyme disease can strike even years later, when the immune system is battling something else, like an allergy. Ticks are absolute disgusting.

.. as I said, I have tick phobia.