Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good finds of the week

1. Lively Latin

I don't know if it's Harry Potter Syndrome or what, but my kids have been after me to study Latin for a while now. We started with The Big Book of Lively Latin, v. I this past week, and it's been a big hit so far with both of the older two (11.5 and 8) and myself. I love how Magistra Catherine Drown has laid out the lessons--vocabulary, pronunciation, history, even diagramming (in Latin)!

2. PBS and David Macaulay's Roman City on DVD

We really enjoyed this DVD this week. I even stayed awake through it, which is saying a lot since I had about four hours of sleep the night before, and we watched at that sleepy time of the afternoon when it's hard for me to stay awake when I've had a good night's sleep. Narration by Macaulay as he walks around Ancient Roman ruins is interspersed with the animated story of a young Roman architect (voiced by Derek Jacobi), and it kept the interest of all three of my kids (11.5, 8, and 4.5). There are three more DVDs in the series: Cathedral, Castle, and Pyramid.

These made it into DD(8)'s workboxes this week. Each card has a yoga pose or activity or game on it. The ones I put in the workbox were ones she could do by herself, but there are also partner activities. The cards are divided up into the following groups:

Standing poses
Forward bending poses
Twisting & stretching poses
Balance poses
Partner poses (such as "Warrior Friends")
Time in cards (guided meditations)

The oversized cards come in a sturdy flip-top box. I expect to get a lot of use out of them!

More on our week of workboxes once I get some photos uploaded. Hopefully soon. . .


Suji said...

Aaah, I've been meaning to check out Macaulay's DVD versions for the longest time. Thanks for the reminder Christina! I love your workbox system. Very neat, systematic and looks stress-free too!

Fiddler said...

While I wouldn't say the system is stress-free (I'm exhausted by the end of the week trying to keep up!), it really does make the day go more smoothly. One of the biggest pluses is that I'm seeing all three of my kids as individuals instead of lumping the three of them together for almost everything. For example, my littlest one, while he asked how to spell "adjective" the other day as a result of listening in on First Language Lessons, hadn't gotten to enjoy a lot of the preschool-at-home activities the other two did. And he is a much happier camper during our "school" days as a result!