Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 1, part 3

And finally, the four-year-old's boxes. Trickle-down homeschooling is not this kid's only choice these days, thank goodness.

Feel and Find by Guidecraft, a classic Montessori-style preschool activity.

The letter of the week, with a printable book from Enchanted Learning.

We've had these sorting bears and pattern cards since O was in preschool. So glad M is getting use from them now!

Another classic Montessori-style preschool activity. I printed and laminated a twelve-part color wheel on cardstock, colored in one side each of twelve clothespins with Prismacolor markers, et voila! a great sorting activity that strengthens the oh-so-important pincer grasp.

Reading time with Mom: Our Earth, by Anne Rockwell.

Did I mention the letter of the week was A? ☺ This activity required some help, as each sticker has a very specific spot on which to, ehm, land.

I wasn't as ready with the camera during group time as I would have liked this week, but here is one I thought to catch (as we didn't save the bisected spheres), a science activity from Earth Logic: Our Dynamic Earth, plus the control cards from a Montessori card set, which is just a small sample of the many free resources at Montessori Materials.

I've got tomorrow's boxes all ready to go--hopefully I'll remember to take some photos as the week rolls on.

Have fun!


MasterpieceMom said...

Great Pre-K ideas! Wish i still had a pre-k student. ;D

Bailey said...

I love the pictures that accompany the descriptions. Those counting bears bring back some fond memories.

I've been thinking about fine motor skills quite a bit lately and forgot about all the clothespin activities. They really do work well with a number of games and activities as well as build those important fine motor skills.