Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Workbox Wednesday, Pt. 2

More highlights from this week:

The book is A Pocket Dictionary of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses, by Richard Woff. The idea was for O (11) to thumb through, pick a couple of favorites, read & write about them and then draw a picture of them as he sees them. Everything but the drawing happened. Sigh. Kid has major issues when it comes to artistic confidence.

Geography flash cards by region and a worksheet to reinforce the information learned.

A consistent favorite: an audiobook of Rosemary Sutcliff's Eagle of the Ninth.

E (8) loved reading about the contrast between light and dark in Looking at Pictures, by Joy Richardson. Revised edition due out October 1st, though already in stock at Amazon. We currently have it checked out of the library, but will be buying our own copy.

Review of telling time to the quarter hour with Time & Money.
Interesting experiment--I'd never asked E to do anything like this. I think she'll like it better the second time, now that she knows what she's aiming to do. It was surprisingly difficult for her to draw a mirror image of the pictures shown.


Lisa said...

Wow! I can't believe all of the work you're putting into these. Some really great ideas. How tdo you like the Lyra Aquarells? I go Piper a large set of the regulars and she loves them. Not quite as blendable as the Prismacolors, but much sturdier.

Fiddler said...

Well, I like them. If only O would use them! We really haven't used them enough yet to give you a good review. I'll keep you posted!

Charlotte said...

I love the Eagle of the Ninth! Although my favorite Sutcliffe as a child was Warrior Scarlet, and for emotional punch, nothing beats Mark of the Horse Lord...

Fiddler said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Charlotte--I'll tell my son to look out for those titles! Love your website, btw--Charlotte's Library is one of my new favorite places to visit.