Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 1, part 2

On to the eight-year-old's boxes:

E. is my natural speller, so I'm taking it easy on her right now. Worksheets from Enchanted Learning for spelling and alphabetizing.

This girl loves her geography. She had a great time with these flash cards this week.

Why is it my children seem to forget math over the summer? We are doing a review for this very reason. We've tried both the Miquon and the Singapore math programs, and needed to keep looking for both kids. Right Start Math is an excellent match for my visual-spatial learners.

E's favorite one day was her nature journal with a new set of compact binoculars (to replace the ones her little brother threw across the room and broke). She sat on the deck and drew happily for half an hour.

Science reading. She read about half one day and half the next.

The Usborne Latin Words Sticker Book was fun for E., too, though she requested help a few times.

Besides the nature journal, E's favorites this week were the States and Capitals flash cards, Draw Write Now, and math (once we switched to a review of what she did last year). Only one day did she have a least favorite, and that was to read a few pages of Who Were the Romans? (Usborne Starting Point History), which surprised me a bit.

Part three coming soon!

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