Thursday, May 13, 2010

International Postcard Swap - Postcards from Boston!

That's right, our first postcards to arrive were from just a hop, skip, and a jump away, but didn't overlap with any we sent, though some of our selections were from Boston as well as Concord, another historic town nearby.  This particular family sent a card to each child, so we received three, but by the time I scanned them in, only two were among the findable.

Boston is a fun city to visit, though I confess we do not make it in as often as we might, living so close.  As the youngest family member gets older, I suspect trips into the city will become more frequent.  Two places we do tend to visit are the Museum of Science and the Museum of Fine Arts.  The former, with all its inherent craziness, is beloved by my kids and spouse, while I generally prefer the quiet and open spaces of the MFA.

A favorite Newbery book set in Boston is Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes.  It is the tale of an apprentice silversmith living in the colonial city as the Revolutionary War approaches.  For more children's books set in Boston and other parts of Massachusetts, go here.

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Alex said...

How cool!
We are taking part in the postcard swap too. We sent ours, but haven't received any yet.. We can't wait!