Saturday, May 22, 2010

More postcards--The International Postcard Swap

We've now received all of our postcards from the swap, and are pleased to have gotten cards from Germany, Australia, Cornwall, and Canada, as well as ones from our fellow Bay Staters.

Two of the cards were homemade--one from a two-year-old girl in Germany (we've already checked out and read her first book recommendation, and it's a good one):

and another from a family in Ontario (theirs is almost like a Magic Eye picture--if you look closely you can see the national animal of Canada):

And then there were the cards depicting lovely scenes from Victoria, Australia:

and Cornwall:

which only make us want to visit the UK and Australia even more than before.

My hat's off to Playing by the Book for organizing the swap.  Hopefully the exchange will happen again, as I think we may have some budding postcard collectors here!


Lisa said...

Very cool! I recently ran across this too and was thinking we might give it a try at some point.

Fiddler said...

Postcrossing does look intriguing, Lisa. Just what my budding deltiologists need!

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

What a lovely post :-) I know what you mean about the postcards making you want to travel - we've had exactly the same experience!

Taigrr said...

*Cheering!* Hello From Gage, Hannah Bea & Max (& Mum) We are so glad our card got there safe and sound, the kids were really excited to see the card on your blog ^___^ This had been a really fun project, can't wait for the next one

Suji said...

This is SUCH a neat idea!! I am very game to try this out. You always post such wonderful ideas...thanks so much!