Friday, May 28, 2010

Poetry Friday: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The Best Thing in the World

What's the best thing in the world?
June-rose, by May-dew impearled;
Sweet south-wind, that means no rain;
Truth, not cruel to a friend;
Pleasure, not in haste to end;
Beauty, not self-decked and curled
Till its pride is over-plain;
Love, when, so, you're loved again.
What's the best thing in the world?
--Something out of it, I think.

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

While I'm not sure yet whether or not the poem plays a pivotal role in Maisie Dobbs's investigation of the death of American cartographer Michael Clifton, I did enjoy coming across this gem while reading The Mapping of Love and Death, by Jacqueline Winspear, just last night.  I especially love the word "impearled," and hope to work it into conversation during the weekend's festivities somehow. ☺

Poetry Friday is being hosted this week at The Miss Rumphius Effect.

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Janet Squires said...

Thanks for your comment at All About the Books. You are right about the Famous First. So glad you dropped by.