Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Sharing Monday - The 101 Dalmatians

We have a new read-aloud, in addition to Book Two of the Ulysses Moore series.  I can't decide if I want to read it myself or get the cds (on which the story is read in a charming British accent that I have no talent for mimicking), which are currently on the shelf of one of the libraries we frequent.  Dodie Smith wrote The 101 Dalmatians in 1957, and it was her first work for children.  Her first novel, I Capture the Castle (1948) was  introduced to me a few years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed the author's style and especially her descriptive writing.

The edition of The 101 Dalmatians that we have is a recent edition with pencil-drawn illustrations by Michael Dooling.  His Cruella is quite menacing-looking!

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Alex said...

I picked up an old edition (1956) of the Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith at a used book sale last month! I didn't know it was a book before Disney made it into a cartoon, but I am not surprised since most Disney cartoons were stories first by other authors..
Anyway, we haven't read it yet, but are looking forward to it!
Thanks for including your link today!

nocton4 said...

great book, lovely post x

Brimful Curiosities said...

I haven't read either of Smith's books. I'm adding them to our list of books to read. Thanks for the suggestions!

Lynne said...

101 Dalmations was one of my favorite books as a child.

I remember reading it and thinking that I had made a fantastic discovery: books are even better than the movies they inspire!

Did anyone else know about this?

Fiddler said...

Lynne, I knew on some level that Dodie Smith (love the name, "Dodie") had written the book, but had never read the book.

And as far as when the a-ha moment hit about books being better than movies, I don't think it was until college and I read Pilcher's The Shell Seekers after seeing the Sunday night movie of the week version of it. But it doesn't surprise me that you were precocious in your discovery!

Alex, nocton, and BC, thanks very much for stopping by on Book Sharing Monday! I enjoyed your posts, too.

Charlotte said...

Although I like 101 Dalmations lots, the sequel, The Starlight Barking, is my favorite...Have you ever read it?

Lynne said...

Oooh. Dog sci-fi! (Love Charlotte's Library, by the way.)

Thanks for the recommendation.