Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Sharing Monday - The Door to Time

My reading voice is currently out of commission due to a succession of colds that just will not leave me alone, so I picked up an interesting-sounding audio book at a local library: The Door to Time, by Ulysses Moore.  From the back of the CD case:
In a house on the coast of England, there is a door.  It hides unimaginable mysteries, unavoidable danger, and unbelievable surprises.  When eleven-year-old twins Jason and Julia move into the old mansion with their family, the door is a secret--locked and hidden behind an old wardrobe. 
But Jason, Julia, and their friend Rick are about to discover what lies behind it. . .
Okay, so the premise is a little familiar, but it sounds like something my kids will enjoy.  The Chronicles of Narnia meets The Spiderwick Chronicles meets The 39 Clues?  We'll see.

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Alex said...

I have noticed this book before, but we haven't read it... I would love to find out how it was!

Yat-Yee said...

Can't wait to hear what you think.

Barb said...

Entrances to another world are fascinating and invite our imagination. That doors of any shape are chosen as portals to these other worlds is logical, but that is also the problem. Anytime somebody uses a door as a device, everybody screams Narnia, have a child learn magic, everybody screams Hogwarts... there are so many books and a lot of good books out there, that it becomes almost impossible to come up with a story that has not somehow been done before. Every time I have an idea, I put on the brakes myself, because it reminds me of this or that or something other.

Let me know how this turns out :)

Alex said...

You are in my list of participants so I would like to let you kow that I have added a Mr. Linky for all our Book Sharing Monday posts. This tool will be available as of next Monday, May 3.
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Thank you!