Sunday, March 07, 2010

Iditarod XXXVIII

The 2010 Iditarod started yesterday, with the official restart happening today in Willow at 2 p.m. Alaska time. So far we are following Zoya DeNure, Jeff King (who announced this is likely to be his last Iditarod), Hugh Neff, and Judy Currier, who was the very last musher to leave. Find my 2009 posts with many, many related resources here.

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Alex said...

We are following the Iditarod too. Zoya De Nure was my oldest daughter's choice 2 years ago and this year too!
Thanks for the links, I will be checking them out.
I made a similar post here, if you are interested:

Fiddler said...

Hi Alex,

I follow your blog and sometimes participate in Book Sharing Monday, but thanks for the pointer to the specific Iditarod post. I saw your dog in the photo but can't tell if it's a Siberian or a Malamute (or an Alaskan?). But he or she is beautiful!