Thursday, March 04, 2010

Now you see me. . .

I tend to retreat to my cave in the depth of winter, but the spring-like weather we're expecting this weekend should wake me up a bit, so I'm hoping to blog with a bit more regularity.  Plus I'm fresh out of interesting YA books to read, which leaves me with more time on my hands.

In addition to all the reading I've been doing, one thing I've been working on lately is creating some worksheets to go with various "Let's Read and Find Out Science" books, which series is a favorite of DD (8).

Here are a couple for What Color is Camouflage? by Carolyn Otto (author) and Megan Lloyd (illustrator):

What’s Your Color

What Color is Camouflage

For copywork to go along with this book I'd suggest the following sentences (from the same book):

Camouflage can be a certain color, or pattern of colors, or a special shape that fools the eye.  Animal camouflage is a kind of disguise.  It makes an animal hard to see.

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